Women's Bamboo Underwear

Sustainable underwear made by women, for women

Photography by Scandaleuse Photography

Through conscious materiality, we inspire empowerment for our bodies, spirit, and planet.

This means choosing:

My Higher Frequency marries fine art with sustainable fashion.

Feel like a work of art in your briefs- because you are! Our unique colourful designs are carefully curated then digitally printed onto sustainable micro-modal, to ensure environmental responsibility in our textile supply chain. So you can feel 100% confident in what’s on your body.

Because you deserve comfort without compromise.

Never again will you have to choose between fun mermaid print and sustainability – you can have it all.

Finally feel comfortable in your body.

Does this sound familiar: after wearing your underwear for a few hours, you start to feel sweaty, uncomfortable, and maybe notice odor? Then you go change your briefs, only to have it start over again? This is because most women’s underwear is made from cotton or synthetic fabric. These materials aren’t ideal because they retain moisture, which can lead to discomfort, odor, and yeast infections.

Without the environmental harm.

Cotton uses a large amount of water and pesticides to grow if it is not organic (the majority of what’s on the market is not). Synthetic fibres can take hundreds of years to break down in the landfill and shed microfibres into the ocean. These materials are often poor quality too, and wear out quickly, resulting in more consumption.

It's time for more options.

If you’ve looked into other options, you may have noticed limitations in terms of sizing, colour, and print selection. Where is the colour, the personality, the inclusivity, the playfulness, the joy?

Don't you deserve better?

My Higher Frequency is a 100% women-owed underwear brand. We create underwear for women, by women. We use sustainable, micro-modal to create a luxurious material experience good for the body, environment, and soul. Our panties feature unique whimsical prints so you can feel as special as your are. Our production is based locally in Toronto, so you can feel good shopping Canadian-made.

Take a quick look in our drawers...

Whether you’re a mermaid at heart, or just want comfy undies that are also good for the planet, we’ve got you covered, with a size range from XS – 4XL.

underwear colorways in prints and nudes

The boss babe behind the brand...

Hi! My name is Lisa, and I am the creative entrepreneur behind My Higher Frequency. I started my career as an artist, then I got into textile design while working with a local print-on-demand company. While I enjoyed designing graphics for textiles, I knew in my heart I wanted to work with materials that were better for the body and environment, since the company I was working with was primarily using polyester. Conscious materiality is essential in minimizing the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Moreover, when we’re considering products as intimate as underwear, it is critical that our material choices are not only good for our environment, but our bodies too.

As a consumer myself, I have been incredibly frustrated trying to find comfortable, breathable underwear in alignment with my values of local production and sustainability. It’s even harder to find underwear that is playful and expressive, because at the end of the day, I value fashion that feels like a work of art. I decided to chat with a number of other women about their experiences shopping for underwear, and I found that many shared my frustrations, and desired better options. So with the help of industry experts and an amazing sample-maker in my Toronto neighborhood, I have spent the last year developing this brand to deliver this vision. Because we deserve better options, and we deserve to creatively express ourselves through fashion without compromise to our values. 

"As conscious consumers, it is important for us to buy items made from high-quality sustainable materials, and to know that the products we buy are ethically made."

Building a top-notch product takes time. We are just a couple months away from launching our Kickstarter, where you can feel the difference yourself.

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