how to live a life you love

It is so easy to constantly feel like your life is missing something, even when things are going extraordinarily well. Gratitude is the cure to the constant misery of not feeling enough. It is so essential to give gratitude to this moment, no matter where you are in your life right not. Because if you do not enjoy the present, you will never enjoy the future.

Imagine you accomplished EVERYTHING you could possibly want right now. How would you feel? Chances are you’ll be absolutely amazed at first. You’ll bask in all the pleasure. But then the enjoyment will wear off, and you’ll want more. You’ll pursue more and more, goal after goal, continuing this cycle of a brief period of ecstasy, but never truly feeling satisfied. Eventually, you’ll enter a depressed state of hunger that can never be satisfied, no matter what you accomplish. This is what your whole life will look like if you don’t practice gratitude.

If you instead release, see the blessings in your life now, you will realize your dreams are already manifesting. If you enjoy and give gratitude to the moment instead, you will appreciate where you are now, without wanting more. For example, say you’re spending a month away from work at your favourite place on Earth. How would you feel? After the novelty wears off, probably unsatisfied. Why? Because you aren’t giving gratitude to the moment. You’re failing to recognize the amazing gifts of the present. Which is why giving gratitude to the moment is essential to enjoy. If you can’t be grateful now, you’ll never be grateful, no matter what your reality is. Practicing gratitude is as simple as saying to oneself “I can be happy now”. Then you release the expectation of having everything now, and instead just see the rewards day after day. It’s like playing a sandbox game. It’s more fun to unlock new things as you progress in the game every day, rather than achieve everything at once. We want to live more moment to moment. You could be on the rooftop in Paris with you lover having the most romantic evening of your life, but if all you can think about is the anticipation of your next trip to Italy, you will fail to enjoy that night. The more you realize your life is already worthy of gratitude, the more you will be rewarded. We want to live more moments of bliss, like a beautiful sunset on the beach you never want to end.